It's all about a little rescue dog...

More than 30
years ago, our family began adopting instead of shopping when it came time to
add another pet to our home.  We realized there were an abundance of dogs,
cats and other animals that were being neglected, or even worse, abused, and we
wanted to help where we could.

Several rescued pets have enriched our lives over the years, and we were
especially blessed with a very special little Beagle that captured our hearts
and never let go.  While all these fur-babies tug at our hearts to some
extent, we know we can’t adopt them all and we are not equipped to operate a
rescue ourselves.

So, the mission of this website is to bring some joy and laughter to others
while donating more to animal rescues and charities across the United
States.  These organizations are doing the work of angels, caring for
animals, and helping them find furever homes.  We are not a non-profit and
admit we don’t know exactly how or if this will work but stay tuned as we’ll
periodically update this page with details about the mission.